Latin Grammy winner Mireya Ramos has shared her latest single off her forthcoming new album Sin Fronteras with the release of “Regresa Ya.” Co-produced with Beau Bledsoe and the Kansas City-based Slim Hanson and the Poor Choices, the new song showcases the artist’s commitment to coalescing around the diverse voices of music and culture that span the U.S. and Mexican border.


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The bemoaning “Regresa Ya” finds Mireya supported by western band Slim Hanson and the Poor Choices. Her breathtaking vocals swell and billow alongside the band’s uplifting instruments, lending her anguish an exquisite splendor that pierces the heart. The familiar pluck of guitars and brassy wails of trumpets gild the sorrow that spills from her ravishing cries.

But true to the album’s genre dynamism, Mireya and the Poor Choices switch things up about halfway through. Introducing the dazzling spirals of a slip-note piano that tumbles alongside the ululations of an electrifying mariachi grito. As the keys devolve into a jazz-style flourish and leaping brass, Mireya’s soaring and rapturous vocals return, buoyed by a goose-bump-inducing choir.

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“Regresa Ya” serves as the first preview of the 10-track album, which promises a radiant melding of genres drawn from both sides of the border, including ranchera, country, pop, jazz, and R&B. It also relies on Mireya’s collaboration with a cast of 25 talented musicians: from fellow Latin Grammy winners Texmaniacs to the internationally renowned Ensemble Iberica.

When it arrives Sin Fronteras will embody another seminal project in her blossoming career as a vocalist, violinist, composer, arranger, and founder of New York City’s only female mariachi band, Flor de Toloache.

Sin Fronteras the new album from Mireya Ramos and the Poor Choices is out on September 15th.

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Words: Steven Ward

Listen to “Regresa Ya” the new single from Mireya below!

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