Los Angeles-based artist Daniel Noah Miller teases an imminent new project with the release of their debut single “Otherway.” He will also be conducting an intimate deconstructed performance at Wonzimer Gallery in Los Angeles on October 13th. Produced by Jack Hallenbeck (Haim, Maggie Rogers, Girlpool) the new song marks the beginning of Miller’s sublime solo endeavors.


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“Otherway” leaves behind the sonic buoyancy of indie-pop for spacious atmospherics and a tangle of heartstring-plucking instrumentals. Miller looked to his Nicaraguan and Caribbean roots as much as the avant-garde compositions of William Basinki’s The Disintegration Loops when crafting his enigmatic but affecting soundscapes. He emerges far more vulnerable and beguiling on such an earnestly introspective transmission.

Miller’s breathy vocals breeze through raps of percussion and lilting strings that swell and undulate tenderly alongside his soul-soothing words. One made all the more ethereal and stirring by the addition of Dane Orr on saxophone. At its core “Otherway” was an attempt to understand and accept the veritable free fall that many of Miller’s relationships were now engaged in.

“Friendships, partners, loved ones, family members,” Miller explained. “It was the first time in my life where my inclination was to try and accept this, to acknowledge that some people could be a significant part of your past without being part of your future. This is my way of processing that, of holding both those ideas side by side and offering a tender goodbye.”

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The new single also comes with a stunning live rendition of “Otherway” performed by Miller and directed by Dylan Reyes. It’s the first in a series that will be most likely released alongside future songs. But it’s also a mesmeric preview of what’s in store for those who attend his upcoming deconstructed performance at the Wonzimer Gallery.

Under Miller’s guiding improvisational hand the song’s instrumentation is transformed into this otherworldly expulsion of oceanic ambiance. One that eddies with his resonantly alluring vocals and spacey distortions

See Daniel Noah Miller at the Wonzimer Gallery in Los Angeles on October 13th.

Visit Daniel Noah Miller on Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Words: Steven Ward

Listen to “Otherway” the new single from Daniel Noah Miller below!

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