Rising singer/songwriter Cody Belew has shared the swaggering title track from his forthcoming debut album I Did It For Love. The new single arrives as a grandiose bit of glam-rock through which the Nashville-based artist channels his meteoric and captivating energy. One inspired by the arresting magnetism of Freddie Mercury — though he also echoes Orville Peck’s enigmatic allure and a talent for crafting country pop hooks like Kacey Musgraves.


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“I Did It For Love” is an explosive and rousing introduction to the songs on Belew’s new record. Written as a response to the actions of another artist who sought to disparage him — though they’ve now reconciled — the rollicking anthem remains an unapologetic expression of identity. Made all the more formidable and salacious by his devotion to blazing rock sonics and ecstatic vocals.

“‘I Did It for Love’ is about somebody being rude towards you because of their own insecurities and because they’re intimidated by who you are,” Belew said of the single. “I don’t ever want to apologize for who I am, and so this song is saying that it’s not my business if all of my shininess intimidates you because everything I do is coming from a place of love.”

Raised in in rural Beebe, Arkansas the heart and soul of Belew’s music is an intersection of stirring country and boot-stomping soul. His most affecting memories of his hometown are of the one-room church he learned to sing in as a child.

After an appearance on “The Voice” in 2012 he spent a decade honing his songwriting and sound as an artist, the culmination of that period arriving in the form of a self-titled debut EP. Since then he’s added a dazzling theatricality to his persona that’s lent itself to his already enchanting and invigorating music.

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Words: Steven Ward

Listen to “I Did It For Love” the new single from Cody Belew below!

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