All Things Blue holds the line against vapid conformity on their newly released Stay Fringe EP. One that arrives soaked in their heady but galvanizing style of “dream-punk,” an intoxicating blend of indie-rock and psych-pop made all the more idiosyncratic in their commitment to unabashed originality.

Led by the earnestly veracious vocals of lead singer India Coombs, the new EP is a resolute reminder that All Things Blue is cultivating an enduringly captivating presence within the eddies of the mainstream. On the sardonically punchy “Generic Cod” they rail against a debasing uniformity, syncing a tangle of gripping electric guitars and concussive drums to dismal warnings against the cyclical trappings of faux success.

“Get Away” takes a more pointed aim at the creatively stunting molds that exist in the music industry. “What did those record people want?” she groans against heavy doldrums of grueling riffs. “They said that they could make my voice breathy and sweet / They told me I should write songs / That will relate to the people.”

The ebullient soundscapes of “Pale Blue,” which grows out of a solo spellbinding riff into a roaring swell of clamorous rock, acknowledge the validation found (not in record labels or streaming numbers) but rather in the sincerity of another person. Then there’s “Grief Case,” which alternates between sobering interludes of haunting atmospherics and buoyant melodics, revealing the band’s restless and alluring sonic diversity.

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Words: Steven Ward

Listen to Stay Fringe the new EP from All Things Blue below!