Brooklyn duo FIIZ produces transcendent and emotionally gripping electro-pop in the vein of their latest single “Phantom Limb.” The project — created by friends Fiona and Isabelle — was formed during the isolation of quarantine as an outlet. One that remains rooted in their mercurial melding of hyperpop and EDM, while also replacing the typically heteronormative voice of such music with a queer perspective.

On “Phantom Limb” the pair illuminate the particular heartache that comes with losing a friend, syncing such platonic loss to the track’s roiling electronic soundscape. It’s thrumming bass and buoying rhythms only partially soften the blow — offering an infectious melody to lose yourself in. Guided by both Fiona’s and Isabelle’s ethereal vocals the song tenderly but earnestly pursues an elusive phenomenon: together, they vocalize the surprising feeling of missing someone you’re physically with.

In many ways, that feeling forebodingly predicts the beginning of the end of such a friendship. “Phantom Limb” valiantly resists that dissolution even as it starts to take shape, saturating it in a dually dreamy but persistently melancholic swell of synths and heartsick cries. “Can I reach for you? / Do you reach for me too?” the duo sings, their radiant words disappearing into the track’s gloaming electronica horizon.

If you enjoyed their latest single, you’ll want to check out the rest of FIIZ’s catalog for more scintillating and irresistible gems. Their recent releases like “Lungs,” an ecstatic immersion into queer intimacy, and the fiercely sensual “Skinless” are both testaments to the wonderous euphoria their music instills.

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Words: Steven Ward

Listen to “Phantom Limb” the new single from FIIZ below!