Recorded during time spent in Berkeley earlier this year, LA-based musician Lazy Daze, who kicked off 2023 with his first-ever gig in February at the Hotel Cafe, has dropped his newest double single, “All Below.” The two new songs come together similarly to “Lay Low” from last year, where Zach Miller pairs a predominantly instrumental track with the leading single.

In the case of “As Above” and “All Below,” seemingly a play on the phrase “as above, so below,” the former serves as an extension of the latter, making for both a seamless transition between the two and a grander feel to the already expansive sound of “All Below.”

If it weren’t for “As Above” already establishing a vast, electronic atmosphere, “All Below” might trick you into thinking it’s another slicked-back indie-rock release. Miller’s gleaming guitar and space ray synths glide over the drum loop to an almost endless sound, eventually evolving into a full-on indietronica barrage during the chorus. But before that happens, he keeps you on your toes for how much he alters his voice, whether singing in a different vocal range or using a vocoder in the latter half. 

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Said vocoder makes for a robotic and almost artificial infliction on the vocals, complementing Miller’s numb and lost-in-your-head lyrics. Lines like “Tell me what is on my mind, not enough time” and “Contemplating, will I make it? / I’m so frustrated” remind why he goes by Lazy Daze in the first place.

And if that weren’t enough, he rides a fine line between the retro electronic instrumentation and the modern indie-pop structure with no problem; stunning within the moment for the song’s gorgeous sound until being sewn into your brain for how honest the lyrics are.

Although “All Below” comes off as a call from the void, Miller still shines a light on his ability to craft a dreamy and even futuristic daze that’s easy to get lost in. Fortunately for him, he never gets lost in his music, coming out on the other side as a more than capable vocalist and a continually impressive artist who should book more shows if his current output is anything to judge.

Words: David Sosa

“As Above” and “All Below” by Lazy Daze are out on all streaming services. For more on new music and potential live shows, follow him on Instagram and TikTok.