Royel Otis is gearing up for the release of their hotly-anticipated debut album PRATTS & PAIN with the release of a new song and music video for “Fried Rice.” The band is also currently on tour in Australia with plans for a yet-to-be-announced U.S. tour that will include a stop in Los Angeles. In the meantime, plug into another guitar-led earworm from the Sydney-based indie-pop prodigies, which arrives as the second single from the forthcoming record.

Their new song continues in the vein of beguiling, jauntily upbeat rock that’s made previous releases like their SOFA KINGS EP so damn exhilarating. If you too find yourself enamored and energized by a one-two-punch of quickfire rhythms and driving sonics, “Fried Rice” is the track for you. One that channels their characteristically jocular songwriting through a jumpy entanglement of elastic riffs and clamorous percussion.

At its core, the song narrates a moment of classic situational irony, diving head-first into attempts to snag the attention of someone you admire at a party. The only problem is, as the band explains, “they want everyone there but you, so you turn on the charm you think you found at the bottom of a bottle.” Shenanigans ensue as misperceptions collide amidst chaotically bittersweet illustrations of a party that’s gone — emotionally at least — off the rails.

“Fried Rice” also comes with a music video directed by Ady Neshoda that offers a visual accompaniment to the song’s boisterous energy. Blue-toned and heavily shadowed, the film follows Royel Otis as they jam out in their living room while the blurred comings and goings of partygoers pass like ghostly streaks around them. The visuals add another dimension to the emotive isolation created by finding yourself at the “wrong party” — while also revealing the melancholy that ebbs just below the surface of even the band’s most enthused melodies.

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PRATTS & PAIN the new album from Royel Otis arrives on February 9th, pre-order it here.

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Words: Steven Ward

Watch the music video for “Fried Rice” the new single from Royel Otis below!