Mon Laferte’s arrives with a striking new single, “NO+SAD. The new offering stands as a fierce departure from the familiar landscape of reggaeton music. The distinctive feature immediately catching your attention is the song’s notably darker and introspective lyrics. Typically, in reggaeton, the tracks often revolve around themes of love, desire, and celebration. However, “NO+SAD” takes a different path by diving into more somber emotions. Mon Laferte‘s breathy and whispery vocals add a layer of haunting vulnerability to the song, emphasizing the darker lyrical theme.

The accompanying music video, directed by Chilean director Camila Grandi and filmed in the town of Tepito, the visual translates the emotional intensity of the track into visual storytelling. In the video, a group of backup dancers plays a crucial role as they transition from dancing to encircling Mon Laferte as they seemingly attempt to hurt her. The scene shifts from Mon Laferte being attacked to a cake being consumed. When asked about the artistic choice, director Grandi explained:

“The video talks about Mon’s overexposure to such a level that we make it a metaphor of her objectification, as if she were a piece of food.”

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This creative decision reinforces the emotionally charged lyrics and aspects of the reggaeton track. 

Mon Laferte’s “NO+SAD” is a promising preview of her upcoming album, Autopoiética, which is set to be a distinctive addition to her discography. Each release from the album has offered a different musical identity, showing her versatility as an artist. Mon herself expresses her excitement for the album, stating:

“I loved this new creative work. I wanted to try things different from previous albums. I’m very excited, I feel like it’s my best album so far.”

Mon Laferte’s forthcoming album, Autopoiética, will be released on Nov. 10, 2023.

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Mon Laferte’s Combines Darkness with Reggaeton on New Single and Video “NO+SAD”