Mon Laferte and Gloria Trevi join forces on the stellar new song/video for “La Mujer”

Mon Laferte

Mon Laferte shares the stage with Gloria Trevi on the video for “La Mujer,” one of the singles from Laferte’s latest stellar album release SEIS. The video, directed by Rodrigo Robles, features Laferte and Trevi singing alongside one another on a “Latino couture” themed set that highlights the duo’s sisterhood and breaks free of some of the societal clichés that have been applied to feminism. And within that image of two women empowering one another (and not pitted against the other) lies the “pain, resurrection, and revenge,” that Trevi believes is reclaimed and used as a source of strength in the song.


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“La Mujer” is a celebration of that inherently female power that rallies against societal expectations, with the beginning of the video poking fun at the idea of an astronaut on the moon as just another man taking what he thinks belongs to him. Between the soaring crash of brass and vibrant percussion backings, “La Mujer” is a breathless switch-off between Laferte and Trevi’s stratospheric vocal limits. Biting off their lines with dazzling aggression and letting their elegant harmonies ring clarion, every second of “La Mujer” is a call to women to not stop raising their voice and to demand equality.

“I played this song before, but only hardcore fans will likely remember it. During the pandemic, I took it out again, and that’s when I thought of Gloria,” Laferte said of the song’s inspiration. “She’s a woman that I greatly admire and she inspires me. She was one of the first female songwriters with a strong personality to break out of the stereotypes laid upon women. Gloria is probably to blame for my personality as an artist: being bold, being free… I learned that from her.”

Mon Laferte’s new album SEIS is out now. Visit her Instagram to stay updated on new releases and announcements. Following along with Gloria Trevi on her Instagram.

Watch the video for “La Mujer” below!

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