Swedish artist Yaeger is taking the dance-pop world by storm with the release of her new EP Jaguar. She will also appear at two major events: her first arena show at the Avicii Arena for Together For A Better Day and X2 Festivalen. With influences that range from Kehlani and Robyn to Foo Fighters — Yaeger avoids classifying her sound too narrowly and instead focuses on making tracks that ignite the heart.

The project of singer/songwriter Hanna Jäger, her music is an effusion of euphoric energy that is as emotionally rapt as it is physically propulsive. As Yaeger, she operates in an ever-changing, mercurial space of pop, guided solely by a desire to move people’s bodies and souls. Early releases like “Ocean” and “Dopamine High” arrived as spaciously kinetic expulsions of beat-driven electronica. But they also reinforced her talent for pairing those captivating rhythms with an earnest lyricism.

Her 2019 debut EP Gul, started to expand her sonic palette into the worlds of anthemic dance and club tracks. Songs like “You Like Me” ride an electrifying thrust of romantic yearning, while others such as the hypnotically convulsive “I Need A:” grip tightly to the aftermath of a wild night.

Another EP quickly followed — a pop confessional Fixed-Gear — before Yaeger started working with a host of contemporaries. These included “Peace n War” with Casper the Ghost and “Nosebleed” with Oscar Scheller. Her collaborative habit reached new heights just this year when she teamed up with Icona Pop on their electro-ecstatic track “Shit We Do For Love.”

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The release of Yaeger’s new EP Jaguar signals a new era in the artist’s ever-evolving musical journey. One that finds her fully immersed in the bittersweet ecstasy that radiates from the collection’s songs. Caught between the effects her wayfaring life as an artist has had on personal and romantic relationships, the EP represents an honest attempt at grounding herself in her music.

From the onset of its title track, “Jaguar” — a buzzing piece made electric by her gleaming cries — you’ll find yourself fully entranced. Whether she’s dazzling with a scintillating rush of keys and darting synths on “Lupins In Blue” or offering up mesmeric drops as in “Water Pistol,” every song on the EP only bolsters Yaeger’s status as a creator of exultant pop. Other immediate favorites include the blitzing and crystalline melodies that spiral from “Ciao.”

Jaguar is about who you become when you’re running somewhere in between love affairs,” Yaeger said of the EP. “You’re alone but constantly surrounded by people and friends. I think I’ve felt like a lonely stray cat for a while now, running around in different cities and writing music. As soon as you leave something, you’re constantly searching until you find security in yourself again, and eventually maybe in someone else. And a lot of crazy things can happen in between. But you also find a lot of beauty.”

Words: Steven Ward

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