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From Sweden, Alice Boman melts hearts at Bootleg HiFi

Swedish singer-songwriter Alice Boman made a stop at the Bootleg on Wednesday night, and boy, was it magical. Standing in front of her piano, Boman played through several heartbreaking ballads, taking the crowd on an emotional roller coaster. A respectful crowd stood in stunned silence as Boman’s powerful vocals overwhelmed the majority of the audience. […]

Alice Boman shares “Reason To Believe” cover and “Be Mine” remix by Jaakko Eino Kalevi

Luling, haunting and fragile, are all things that describe the gorgeous voice of Swedish songstress and pianist, Alice Boman. Her haunting stirring lo-fi folk pop has a timeless sound that you can listen to for days on end. Her music is as soothing as it is heartbreaking, a perfect harmony of feelings. Boman just released a […]

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