From Sweden, Alice Boman melts hearts at Bootleg HiFi

Alice Boman

Swedish singer-songwriter Alice Boman made a stop at the Bootleg on Wednesday night, and boy, was it magical.

Standing in front of her piano, Boman played through several heartbreaking ballads, taking the crowd on an emotional roller coaster. A respectful crowd stood in stunned silence as Boman’s powerful vocals overwhelmed the majority of the audience.

One standout moment of the night was Boman’s cover of Tim Hardin’s “Reason to Believe,” and the Swedish singer breathed new life into the 50-year-old song, slowing down the tempo from the original. It’s something you’d expect to hear at a poignant moment in an HBO series or something.

Alice Boman

Boman makes her singing look so effortless as she belted out a number of mesmerizing tunes, including “What” off her second EP last year.

“Take me out, take me out tonight, come light my fire,” Boman serenades in the closing verse of the song, before an extended outro.

Boman has the rare skill of a Damien Rice, where most of her songs are a bit on the depressing side — but still makes it impossible not to get hooked on her melancholy songwriting. The pairing of her dynamic vocals and heartbreaking ballads had the crowd hypnotized for the duration of the show.

The only letdown of the night was knowing that Boman has no remaining dates scheduled in Los Angeles for the time being, and only one other U.S. date before heading back to Sweden. Everyone that was lucky enough to bear witness to her Bootleg gig were certainly left wanting more.

Words: Mark E. Ortega

Photography: Farah Sosa


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