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battles fyf fest 2015 photos
Battles serve the “ice cream” jams at FYF Fest

Photo by Wes Marsala When I reached the stage to see Battles at FYF Fest they were nonchalantly setting the up their gear, chewing gum and setting out beers. The drum kit was center stage and toward the front with one tall cymbal raised high in the air. Looking around it was clear that the crowd […]

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Battles with Nisennenmondai at the Glass House (Oct. 16, 2011) – Photos & Show Review

Blends of different music, no matter how different or eclectic, can always create perfect harmony, as long as they are arranged well. This is what bands like Nisennenmondai and Battles strive to do, and last Sunday’s show at The Glass House in Pomona was yet another demonstration of their skill. A group entitled CGAK was […]

Contest: Win Tickets to Battles at the Mayan Theater (October 17, 2011)

NYC trio Battles is comprised of several talented band transplants, drummer John Stanier of Helmet and Tomahawk, guitarist/keyboardist Ian Williams of Don Caballero and Storm & Stress and guitarist David Konopka of Lynx.  See what their collective musical fruits bear as they hit the Mayan Theater on Monday, October 17 in support of their newest […]

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Contest: Win Tickets to Battles at the Glass House (October 16, 2011)

  American Experimental fusion rockers, Battles are exactly the quirky avant-garde thing you expect from New York City. Sampling and dipping into a wide range of genres, this trio brings the noise, the funk and the progressive edge. Tilting musical reality and tickling the senses Battles brings their tour to The Glass Houseon Sunday October, 16 with support from Nisennenmondai, Cgak (Chris Tsagakis […]

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