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Photos: The Rec Center gets Wrecked by Devour Records with Katatonic, Trap Girl and more

There were so many great shows on Friday night but it’s likely Devour records birthday celebration at DIY venue The Rec Center, for founder Sergio Candelario was the most wild. Sergio and his band Katatonic with longtime bandmates Giuliano Scarfo and Brian Melendez, and scream queen Nathalie Martin opened the night so the band could […]

The Dils at the Casbah in San Diego Photo by ZB Images
The Dils: Preserving Punk for The Next Generation — photos from recent Los Angeles and San Diego gigs

Recently, in the middle of Chinatown, a phoenix rose from the ashes at The Grand Star Jazz Club. It had been 40 years since the world heard Chip Kinman play songs from his legendary punk band The Dils. After the loss of his brother, founding member Tony Kinman (Tony 19), earlier this year and at […]

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