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imaad Wasif
Interview: Exploring Context for Imaad Wasif’s Lost-Then-Found Record, Great Eastern Sun

Imaad Wasif often feels like he not of this world. His realm is not physical, though it is tangible. I had the opportunity to pose him some questions about his recent record, Great Eastern Sun, and his career in general to get a chance to understand him and the process behind his profoundly moving work. […]

imaad wasif
Imaad Wasif Added to Desert Daze Lineup on Heels of Career Best LP

Imaad Wasif has an impressive resumé. Wasif has been part of collaborations for most of his career, so the pivot to making his own material felt like a promising turn. He put out three diverse, vaguely spiritual rock-leaning records in the late 2000s, and wrote three more that never made it to release. One Wasif […]

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