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Deanna Templeton's "The Swimming Pool" Photo Gallery

Only in the OC can a kid be rewarded with a gift for running away from home upon return. Needless to say, check out OC bred Deanna Templeton’s photo exhibit coming up October 3. (And yes, she is the wife of Ed Templeton). Also featuring the works of Dutch import, Hadassah Emmerich, the two got […]

Ed Templeton's "Deformer"

Now this book seems like a worthy read! Taking an intense look at the life of skater/artist, Ed Templeton, and his upbringing in suburbia Orange County, California–“Deformer” is the culmination of a vision 11 years in the making, and collects over 30 years of material. Templeton weaves disciplinary letters from his grandfather and religious notes […]