Only in the OC can a kid be rewarded with a gift for running away from home upon return. Needless to say, check out OC bred Deanna Templeton’s photo exhibit coming up October 3. (And yes, she is the wife of Ed Templeton). Also featuring the works of Dutch import, Hadassah Emmerich, the two got some pretty sweet work to be seen at the New Image Art Gallery in Santa Monica.

Deanna Templeton:
Growing up in the suburban sprawl of Orange County, Deanna spent her early years going to any and all punk shows she could. After returning home from a one-night runaway her Mother bought her a camera as a coming home present. This was 1985 and the start of her photographic career. She has shown all over the US and Europe, including a solo show at the Museum Het Domein in the Netherlands, and group shows at the Contemporary Art Center in Virginia and the Preus Museum in Norway. She has self-published 3 photo-booklets, a series called Blue Kitten Photos, a book called “Your Logo Here” for PAM Books. She is currently working on a new book called “17 Days” which will be released fall 2008, 2 photo essays, along with her regular custom of shooting as she goes.

Hadassah Emmerich:
Artist Hadassah Emmerich’s cultural background plays a decisive role in her artwork. Born in 1974 in Heerlen, the Netherlands, she is of Dutch, Indonesian, Chinese, and German descent. Her background is a source of endless images, colors, aromas, memories, feelings, and ideas. Emmerich’s lush pictorial language and colors ensnare the viewer, conjuring up fantasies of far-off paradisiacal lands, images of Hawaiian girls in grass skirts, Paul Gauguin paintings, tattooed arms, pin-up girls or Carmen Miranda and her fruit-laden hats. Her sensitivity involves an association of references to art history, popular culture, daily life and the authentic signature of the artist. Works on paper, murals, and installations are each thought out to the smallest detail, each color and line deliberately placed – they appear to be stories without beginning and without end, like jungle paths that the viewer willingly takes, leading him into strange lands.

New Image Art
7908 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 654-2192

Deanna Templeton
“The Swimming Pool”
Opening reception Fri. Oct.3rd 7-10pm
Show runs Oct. 3 – 24th

In the Project Room:
Hadassah Emmerich
“Ghosts n Garlands”