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Electric Daisy Carnival Experience Riot Photos Kaskade
Electric Daisy Carnival Experience with Kaskade Riot Photos

As I’m sure you have all by now heard (or experienced), last week there was quite the riot or shall I say “impromptu block party” for the world premiere screening of Electric Daisy Carnival Experience. But what really set this clusterfuck off was a Twitter announcement by superstar rave DJ, Kaskade who Tweeted a secret […]

“Electric Dasiy Carnival Experience” Screening with a Special Performance by Kaskade at the Supper Club

From warehouse raves where you needed to hit up seedy locations to pick up your venue directions, to full on mainstream blow-outs — the rave scene has drastically changed the past 15+ years. I recall my eldest brother (who then went by DJ Waltier) playing at some seriously underground shit back in the late ’80s […]