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Jay-Z Time Travels to 1939 Photo Harlem New York
Jay-Z Time Travels to 1939 Harlem and is Photographed!

Dang! This vintage photo of a Jay-Z doppelganger is insane. The New York Public Library posted via their TUMBLR a Sid Grossman photo of “Harlem Loiterers”. Without a doubt, the man in this photo looks identical to Jay-Z. Not to mention, Harlem’s not that far from Brooklyn (where our Jay-Z of today is from). Perhaps moneybags, Jay-Z commissioned a scientist to build him […]

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Matador 21 In Las Vegas Featuring Guided By Voices, Pavement, Sonic Youth, Spoon and More!

*****UPDATED INFO***** Buy Your Tickets! Tickets for “The Lost Weekend” aka Matador’s 21st birthday celebration at The Palms will go on sale this Friday, July 9 at 9am, PST. An initial quantity will be on sale Friday for $199 (for all three days of music). After the $199.00 tickets sell out, the price increases to […]