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Ian Sweet Releases Emotional New Single ‘Dumb Driver’

If love makes you blind, then does heartache make you a bad driver? Musician Ian Sweet, AKA Jillian Medford, poses the thought in her new emotional slow wheeling single “Dumb Driver.” In the song, bittersweet sentiments and fragmented thoughts blend together like the colors red and blue to create a hazy backdrop where Medford explores […]

Patricia Sanchez |
Ian Sweet imagines her body as both a weapon and means of defense on new single “Sword”

Ian Sweet—the cathartic creation of Jilian Medford—has unveiled her latest single: “Sword,” a dreamy, pop manifesto of self-sustaining strength. Imagining her body as both a source of power and defense, Sweet wades into the anxiousness that comes out of feeling like you’re constantly being rendered helpless. Elusive and deceptively catchy, “Sword” molds Sweet’s fears and […]

Steven Ward |