Ian Sweet Releases Emotional New Single ‘Dumb Driver’

Photo Credit: Lucy Sandler

If love makes you blind, then does heartache make you a bad driver?

Musician Ian Sweet, AKA Jillian Medford, poses the thought in her new emotional slow wheeling single “Dumb Driver.” In the song, bittersweet sentiments and fragmented thoughts blend together like the colors red and blue to create a hazy backdrop where Medford explores all the purple hues of a toxic love.

Drenched in a heavy syrup of pop and electronic sounds, the song seeps through your brain and sends soft tingles to the tips of your fingers and toes. Medford’s voice radiates with an even vibrancy that glistens like a crystal prism catching the light.

But with that fragmented beauty there are cracks in the glass; the lyrics denoting a toxic relationship as dangerous as driving recklessly.

Being honest with herself, the song reveals thoughts about heartache, learning about oneself and attempting to make a change for the better.

“I want to stop, I want to,” Sweet chants as a mantra for change in the song.

“‘Dumb Driver’ is an examination and grieving of, both during and after, a broken relationship,” says Medford. “It describes the toxic cycle of being so overtaken by your love for someone that you put yourself in harm’s way for it – like a car crash you can’t look away from. On ‘Dumb Driver’ I am pleading with myself to stop the car, pull over, and get out of the situation before the damage is irreversible.”

Like her music, Ian Sweet is a persona that provides Medford an honest lens with which to capture the inner self. Not bound by genre or stereotypes, Medford also gives herself no limits to the themes she explores in her music, from her own anxieties to broader themes.

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Words: Patti Sanchez

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