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Sigur Ros Front-man, Jónsi to Releases Solo album “Go” – FREE MP3 Dowload

Looks like Sigur Ros,’ Jónsi Birgisson has been keeping busy this year with all sorts of projects. First he started an ethereal ambient collaboration with his boyfriend Alex Sommers titled Jónsi & Alex. Now the Icelandic talent, know for his use of a cello bow on guitar and his enchanting falsetto is going solo. Jónsi […]

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Jónsi & Alex Coloring Competition!

Yay! This kind of creative fun makes me feel like a kid again! Jónsi & Alex have just launched a fun coloring competition on their Web site jonsiandalex.com. Get out your pencils, crayons and brushes and color in an original drawing from Jónsi & Alex’s Coloring Book. Send in the colored-in picture and Jónsi & […]