Jónsi & Alex Coloring Competition!

Yay! This kind of creative fun makes me feel like a kid again!


Jónsi & Alex have just launched a fun coloring competition on their Web site jonsiandalex.com. Get out your pencils, crayons and brushes and color in an original drawing from Jónsi & Alex’s Coloring Book. Send in the colored-in picture and Jónsi & Alex will go over them and pick the winning pictures themselves. The winner will receive:

  • Riceboy Sleeps’ Special Edition Box, signed by J&A
  • Jónsi & Alex tote bag with badge
  • Jónsi & Alex’s Coloring Book, signed by J&A, with one picture colored in by J&A
  • Riceboy Sleeps’ poster, signed by J&A
  • Rain Down My Favorite Songs’ mix cd by Jónsi & Alex, signed by J&A

Five runner-ups will receive a signed copy of the mix cd “Rain Down My Favorite Songs”.

Get to coloring on jonsiandalex.com!

In other Jónsi & Alex news, the boys premiered a new video on Pitchfork last week entitled Sometimes I Get Scared. The video is now available to watch on jonsiandalex.com/videos.

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