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San Cha Releases Soul Freeing Single “Oveja Negra” Featuring La Doña

Blurring art with reality, and passion with perseverance, L.A. based singer/songwriter San Cha has dropped her emotional and beautifully nostalgic new single, “Oveja Negra” featuring La Doña. The new tune is a collision of culture and modern inclusivity, blending quintessential Hispanic culture, sound and visuals that San Cha holds dear, while at the same time, […]

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La Doña “Setas y Ceros”
La Doña unveils her stunning new song and visuals for “Setas y Ceros”

Spirited Latin singer La Doña returns with her new release “Setas  y Ceros” and the shimmering tune is a real treat. Through her infectious, colorful beats and fiery vocals she seduces listeners into pure captivation. The track is a warning sign of the dangers that can come with amassing money. La Doña reveals of the new […]

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