La Doña by Thalia Gochez
La Doña by Thalia Gochez

Spirited Latin singer La Doña returns with her new release “Setas  y Ceros” and the shimmering tune is a real treat. Through her infectious, colorful beats and fiery vocals she seduces listeners into pure captivation. The track is a warning sign of the dangers that can come with amassing money. La Doña reveals of the new single, “The song is about capitalism and medicine. It’s about the ways we are trapped and the ways we free ourselves from the glamorous cycles of accumulating and spending wealth.” Her opulent visuals shine with gold leaf and glittering backdrops. From her luxurious long nails and lashes to her dazzling dress, she stuns in this vivacious video. By the end of this uniquely, daring offering, you are left begging for more.

Cecilia Cassandra Peña-Govea is the brainchild behind La Doña. The San Francisco native does it all. A solo reggaeton singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, she exploded onto the music scene last year. Now quickly becoming a bold singing sensation, her signature “Femmetone” has won over many fans. Her mesmerizing music touches on personal themes of love, sex, gentrification and her life as a queer brown woman. She is more then just an exquisite singer, she is an activist and educator as well. She cares so deeply about her community and is influenced by local muralismo and hyphy sensibilities. This can be heard in her rich, eccentric sound.

Words: Chloe Robinson

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