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Salami Rose Joe Louis
Salami Rose Joe Louis Captures Some Transmissions Of Bittersweet Hope And Guaranteed Calamity On New Album “Akousmatikous”

Plenty of artists lay claim or attempt to evoke the otherworldly but Salami Rose Joe Louis does so with potent effortlessness on their latest album Akousmatikous. Fans will also have a chance to see Lindsay Olsen — the singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer behind the project — when they make a stop at Zebulon in Los […]

flying lotus
Flying Lotus at the Novo: a mystical homecoming full of otherworldly sensory explorations

As a lifelong Angeleno and having had a musical epiphany at the beginning of college in the Fall of 2007 and hungry for every piece of new indie music, I have had an affection and admiration for the music of Flying Lotus since his first track releases featured during bumpers on Adult Swim. It has […]

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