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Sudan Archives 2022
Sudan Archives “Selfish Soul” is the summer anthem you need; L.A. date at Lodge Room

With an expansive catalog of music where no two songs sound the same, Brittney Parks, AKA Sudan Archives, has built a space of her own to explore and create without inhibition. Her latest release, “Selfish Soul,” is a joyful celebration of women, diversity and hair. She notes that the song is meant to celebrate the […]

Patricia Sanchez |
Ayelew Mesfin with Debo Band. Photo Farah Sosa
The Return of Ayalew Mesfin, The 70’s Ethiopian Funk God lights up the Echoplex

The music of Los Angeles is a reflection of its people. Men and women from all parts of the world reflecting different heritage but coming together in the spirit of music. In this occasion, the Echoplex was packed for Ethiopia to be the center of attention with the return of Ayalew Mesfin. Ayalew Mesfin is a […]