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Hot New Music: The Ettes “Wicked Will” – Album Review

If your head doesn’t bang and your body doesn’t tremble and shake like the shock of 1,000 volts  when you hear The Ettes’ new album Wicked Will, then there is clearly something wrong with you.  To the corner with a dunce cap you go because this album effing ROCKS. If you don’t realize it in […]

Emily Saex |
Concert Tickets: The Ettes at the Echo (August 25, 2011)

If you have yet to listen to the rad Nashville threesome know as The Ettes, you need to get aboard their show at The Echo on Thursday, August 25. We’ve been a fan of The Ettes for a few years now and every time we’ve seen them live it has been a balls to the […]

Sandra B. Olinger |