If you have yet to listen to the rad Nashville threesome know as The Ettes, you need to get aboard their show at The Echo on Thursday, August 25. We’ve been a fan of The Ettes for a few years now and every time we’ve seen them live it has been a balls to the wall rock show, with some sugary sweet ballads thrown in for good measure. Led by the two foxy ladies, Coco (vox/guitar) and Poni (drums) the female shredders are also joined by their male cohort, Jem—he’s a super steezy cutie with some righteous bass lines.

The Ettes are touring in support of Wicked Will, the band’s fourth long player and their first through their own imprint, Fond Object (a joint venture with Krian Music Group/ILG).  All of their previous albums were damn good, even Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys collaborated on a few of their past songs and he will do so again with a second 45″ single, “The Girl I’ll Never Be,” out this summer! If you’re down with sassy leatherette clad bad girl rock and roll, you must catch The Ettes live. Their drummer, Poni is one badass lady that knows how to bang some serious skins. She was placed as #1 on our Top 10 Hottest Female Indie Drummers list.

Tickets to The Ettes at the Echo are only $8 in advance and open to all ages. You can purchase your tickets now via TicketWeb here

Wicked Will drops in August, but until then, download their new single “Pendulum” below!

03 the pendulum by NYLONmag