You got to check out the “Jimi Hendrix” documentary, it’s amazing. It not only shows what we already about this electrifying blues legend, but it reveals him on a personal level — and how loved, insecure and funny he was. He speaks so eloquently in his interviews and sends striking emotions through your body in all his performances. My Dad was fortunate enough to catch this rock god at Woodstock back in 69 and this is what he had to say:

“Awe I remember him playing ‘Purple Haze,’ and all you could smell was marijuana. Everyone stayed quiet and stared … but when he made that guitar cry, you couldn’t hear anything because all the people were jumping and yelling  and when he put his teeth onto the chords of that guitar, the crowd just cried. Cried tears of happiness and admiration … in the world we lived in at that the time, you forgot that he was black, and it didn’t even matter. It was just beautiful, the memories, the music, just good memories.”

The vid is sic! With words from a young Clapton, Townshend, Jagger, Reed, and even a flamboyant Lil Richard (made me laugh so much I just wanted to hug him), you really begin to understand Hendrix and his untimely death. The performances shown are breathtaking. When he played that “unorthodox” version of the “Star-Spangled Banner,” it sent chills up my spine. Besides his God given talent, I don’t know if it was the irony of a time when our country was killing people and prejudices ran rampant, or if I was secretly aroused. Cause let me tell you, I got some major THO (titty hard on)!

“But that’s not unorthodox, I thought it was beautiful.”
— Jimi Hendrix

Man, I’m jealous of those that got to experience his music live. If anyone knows of a functioning time machine please contact me ASAP!