Just fuckin wonderful! So I wake up this morning, more like this afternoon (I was up till 5 tying to settle all the ideas running in my head) and I get ready to be productive. Decided to skip my Saturday ritual of nursing a usual hang over on the beach while perfecting my tan, and opted to do some laundry and run some errands. So I get to my car, only to be shockingly welcomed by some degenerate spray paint across my whole back window.

“You’re fuckin kiddin me!” I yelled out as my decrepit neighbor scowled at me. Fuckin little shits! If your gonna tag, at least have the decency to put some proper artwork on there. Instead of scribbling “Cloud 9” on the back of my ride. Probably some worthless little high school stoner crew. And the funny thing is, these hoodlums probably don’t even know what “Cloud 9” means – a state of euphoria, a high. I bet they didn’t even know the musical connection. Like the album title by George Harrison or the song by The Temptations. But considering their sloppy tagging, meaning of title, and area I reside in, these little kooks probably correlate “Cloud 9” with one of the lamest bands on earth: the Kottonmouth Kings.

With that said, this mishap has now come to amuse me. One, because these kids have no talent. At least when I was a stoner in high school my highs were spawning some insane drawings, not scribbles; and two, because these kids have absolutely no taste in music. The Kottonmouth Kings, just like my Omarion blog, this is another band/musician that just annoys the shit out of me! They are actually on the top of my hate list. I loathe the Kottonmouth Kings so much that I’m going to dedicate a blog to their “lameness.”

Check out just how lame they are for yourselves below:


Stay tuned…