Madonna Sticky And Sweet Tour

How many licks does it take to get to the center of her candy spot? Pushing 5 decades of gracing the world with her scandalous yet eloquent essence, Madonna is still bringin’ her delicious delights to fans and freaks across the globe. Her new album, “Hard Candy,” is holdin’ it down in the #1 spot, so we can only assume the queen of pop has lost absolutely no flavor. And what better to complement a tasty album then an even tastier world tour. How does this beautifully biceped woman do it!? Unwrapping the special treats, August 23rd, Madonna embarks on her “Sticky & Sweet Tour.” Ticket prices are steep, between $55.00 and $350 bones. But if were lucky, I hear there may be some oompa loompas as the opening act …

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One thought on “Madonna Sticky And Sweet Tour

  1. Krackteen

    I dunno, Baish, I think Madonna is trarding out. Ever since she started talking in that quasi-Brit accent I think she’s flown off the handle. I still love love LOVE her old stuff but everything after Ray of Light has been sub-Madonna for moi. Tis all. 🙂

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