The Presets New Album "Apocalypso"

The Presets Apoclypso, new album. good music

Oh sweet memories in the land of OZ. The first time I was turned onto The Presets was from my buddies in Sydney, Australia. They had taken us to some hip club where one of the dudes from the Presets was guest djing. Amongst the mass alcohol consumed in a loud sweaty arena, I do somewhat recall having a good time and dancing to their beats. We had taken a 10-day road trip to Queensland and their prior album, “Beams,” was the only sound playing in our red jellybelly of a rental car. We fuckin’ loved it.

And today, all over the US, drops their new album “Apocalypso.” Listening to it just takes me back to all the crazy madness we took part in and created, from Melbourne to Surfer’s Paradise. Man, I wish I could go back to that adventure. “Apocalypso” stays true to the Presets’ signature techno for the new age beats, paired with the eerie vocals of lead singer, Julian Hamilton. It’s kind of like Kraftwerk meets Joy Division on a long journey to a dark, but joyful haven of pure indulgence. I won’t bore you with a good review, but check out their “This Boy’s in Love,” music video below. It’s neato and looks like it should be some sexual “got milk commercial.”


Take a listen:

“My People”

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