Jake Brown is Back 2008

Oh yeah, watch out lords of the mega ramp. Your homie, the crazy Carlsbad Aussie, with a signature laugh, Jake Brown , has made a quick return to the mega ramp. We all remember his massive fall just about 9 months ago at the X-games. And if you don’t where the fuck have you been, check out the coverage below. I still get chills watching his 45ft. fall, and bothered by the fact that he didn’t win the gold, when hands down it was his. Well enough of that drama, Jake is back and Dave Carnie and his crew have been documenting his highly anticipated return to the mega ramp. Peep Jake throw down a 360 on Bob’s mega ramp here. And make sure you read the full article that goes with the vid, it’s interesting …

“One of the things I love about Bob is that he’s an adult and he handles his shit in a mature manner. Something that’s fairly rare in the world of skateboarding.”
Dave Carnie


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