Rock n' Roll Dating

Finally my prayers have been answered … No longer do us lost lovers of rock music have to succumb to the goobers on or E Harmony. Now there’s ! Wow. It’s like a dream come true. Now I can find all the emos, screamos and tryhards I want. I guess you pick and choose your litter by their musical tastes, which I kinda go by already. You won’t see me rolling with no Kottonmouth Kings or Good Charlotte fans. Naw, but for online dating it’s a pretty catchy concept since lovin’ music is so damn popular and accessable now a days. So if I was ever having trouble meeting men, I’d guess I’d cougar some young blood on this site or resort to some old fart on Yeah right.

But really, after cruising through the thumbnails of a few boys and girls, the merchandise ain’t that bad. But since myspace has been out, we all know that pictures hide a 1,000 words, or should I say “angles.”

2 thoughts on “Rock n' Roll Dating

  1. Hot Stuff

    Remember Supercult? It was that Silverlake amateur soft erotic site that preceded SuicideGirls. Then there was Friendster m- that spin on Napster except for your social networks that preced MySpace->Facebook->the whole damn Web 2.0. Somehow the idea of takes me back to an idea that sits between Supercult, and facebook/ – if it is like the former, then awesome, if it is like the latter then boourns. Thanks for the heads up!

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