Music for Aliens

And no I’m not talking about the illegals coming across the border or in an inter-tube off the Florida coast. I’m talking about the big headed, deep eyed shape shifters that live in the stars above us, or whatevs. But check this shit, it’s pretty crazy. Ten of Sweden’s best artists within electronica were given the assignment of creating music for alien civilizations. The press release reads that these beats are “Unique music that really is not meant for human ears – but for beings in unknown worlds.”


Well let’s see what happens because “Music for Alien Civilizations” was released yesterday on earth and outerspace (fo reals yo!). Broadcasted from the space station Esrange in Kiruna, in cooperation with the Swedish Space Corporation. Radio waves will be sent toward a star, which is located no too many light years away from Earth. They hope to receive a music review by 2030 to 2050 … lol

Mikira feat. Andreas Tilliander:

You like it? Well get the free album here.

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