Fujiya & Miyagi Bigger and Better

I love these smooth Brits who were once a duo, now a trio and soon to be a quadruplet. Fujiya & Miyagi: the more the merrier. According to Filter, a fourth member will soon be added.  The timing couldn’t be more perfect as their album tour supporting their sophomore release, The “Lightbulbs” off Deaf, Dumb and Blind Communications will be released on Sept. 16th.

Just like Ladytron, electronic beats fused with live instruments can make for a solid live performance. Hopefully The Kills will one day get a real drummer as well. Like I said before their drum machine works but there is just so much more pleasure derived from a live drummer.

Currently touring Europe, the boys will be heading towards the US sometime near their album release date. Check out their old track “Collarbone.” It’s the goods and also the score Chris Haslam skates to in the Nintendo Wii “Skate it” teaser.

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