Beck’s new album “Modern Guilt” sounds pretty dope! The first word that came to mind when I listened to the tracks “Orphans” and “Gamma Ray,” was groovy. They both have a late 60’s steez type of tone.  “Orphans” is real ethereal, with chimes, cymbals and a goodie basket full of some echoing sounds-it just makes you wanna spark up and pass the love. Now if I were a go go dancer in the 60’s, my boots would definitely be twistin’ to the beat of “Gamma Ray.”

I seen Beck perform once, at the first annual Vegoose, and the man is just amazing! Make sure you pick up “Modern Guilt” when it drops July 8 in the US off DGC. But until then stream the mentioned unreleased tracks here. And yes, just like The Black Keys’ sic album “Attack & Release,” “Modern Guilt” too has the Danger Mouse touch.  Without a doubt, the hottest producer of 2008.