Dirty Pretty Things "Romance at Short Notice"

I really loved the Libertines, they were such a fun, hip band with some groovin tunes. Pete Doherty had such a cute yet naughty voice to him, turnin’ on the sound radar of both men and woman alike. Too bad Carl Barât and Doherty can’t hash their shit out and bring The Libertines back. Needless to say, Doherty’s Brainchild, Babyshambles is pretty damn close to the radness of The Libertines. Let’s just hope he can keep his shit together and continue to bring us some rippin’ tunes.

One the other hand, Barât has Dirty Pretty Things. Keepin’ it consistent and on their way to delivering another catchy album, “Romance at Short Notice” is set for a UK release today, June 30 via Vertigo records. The tunes are pretty good, a little too poppy-go-lucky for me, I am however diggin on “Truth begins.” A lil slower but it has a good variety of sound and tempo, with a sexy feel. But, I do prefer the dirty sweet rawness of Babyshambles and perhaps the exciting drama that radiates around Doherty, but to each their own. Listen to the “Romance at Short Notice” in its entirety here on NME.com.

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