More and more digital downloads are either free or super cheap, thanks to Radio Head and Nine Inch Nails for being so generous with their music, others are now too. The former frontman of the punk outfit The Replacements, has made his new solo album available to all at the kind price of 49 cents! Conveniently enough, the name of the album is 49:00. It’s a single, undivided MP3 file sold via the Westerberg website, with the technical side being handled by Amazon. With no track list, lyrics or song titles, the mp3 is pretty simple, but don’t underestimate the music. The man plays every instrument on the album and gives a true testament to who Paul Westerberg really is. For 40 cents it ain’t half bad, but don’t expect any fancy studio mixing (cause it sure ain’t): just some down rockin’ homemade music.

More info here.