Whoa, Koston didn’t make it to the finals! And Duffel sits at the bottom 20. Here’s the elimination results:

1 Ryan Sheckler
2 Paul Rodriguez
3 Greg Lutzka
4 Rodolfo Ramos
5 Jereme Rogers
6 Adam Dyet
7 Nyjah Huston
8 Darrell Stanton
9 Sean Malto
10 Sierra Fellers
11 Leo Romero
12 Nick Dompierre
13 Mark Appleyard
14 Eric Koston
15 Nick Trapasso
16 Johnny Layton
17 Terry Kennedy
18 Billy Marks
19 Corey Duffel

P-rod won Maloof, then Dew Tour in Cleveland, will 3rd time be a charm for him? Time will tell tomorrow on the Event Deck at LA Live 4:30 p.m. With the ladies street going on at 3 p.m. (Go Lorena!).