Manaj and "Daddy's Shadow"

Damn girl, don’t mess with the doctor, especially when he’s Dr. Dre. All I have to say is that Dr. Dre is bad ass! Nothing like “The Chronic” back in ’92, when hip hop was bangin’ and gangsta rap was the shizzle. Mad respect to this man for being such a legit rapper, producer and more, yet never falling into the glitz and glamour, or bull shit hype like most rappers. Like all kids of great musicians, they want to easily weazel their way into the music industry.

Apparently Dre’s daughter Manaj is releasing a documentary of her attempts to break into the music industry. (Um wait a minute, shouldn’t you be a iconic musician with a proven track record to put out a proper documentary about your musical life?) Guess she’ll just be mooching publicity off her Father’s infamous career, since she doesn’t have anything reputable to show for. To Dre’s dismay he ain’t to stoked about her putting the family on blast. Read more here.

Hmm, another wannabe rapper, rappin about money, bling and smoking weed. Why am I not surprised …


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