Shame on Heineken

Why do the rich always steal from the poor? The Internet is a great way to display your talents whether they are writing, photography, porn (ha ha), etc., but it also leaves you way more susceptible to people stealing your creative and personal material. Shit, I’ve even had people rip my copy verbatim with out a mere shout-out credit or trackback. I’m all for the fair use rule, but not full-on stealing people’s work. Heineken has been a naughty dutch boy, stealing the photos from photographers on Flickr. There are a lot of talented photographers on Flickr, but give-credit-where-credit-is-due (especially when you have heavy pockets).

“A website run by brewing giant Heineken was leeching hundreds, if not thousands of copyright photos through the flickr API and posting them to promote the Oxegen music festival in Ireland.”

Read more here.

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