Bob Gruen's "Rockers"

You’ve heard about him in almost every legit rock n’ roll documentary or book. This man is one of the best photographers out there that captured a definitive time in rock n’ roll and punk, allowing us all to understand and admire. Too bad there’s such a few amount of musicians today with that revolutionary lust. New York’s legendary rock photographer Bob Gruen, will launch the first Canadian exhibition of his iconic shots at the Liss Gallery on Toronto’s famed Yorkville Avenue on Thursday Sept. 18. The show, titled “Rockers,” will run through to Thursday October 9. From Bowie, The New York Dolls, Patti Smith, Zeppelin, the Stones and many more, this man has seen and shot it all. If your in up in the big Canada, check it out!

You can also see some of his work at the awesome Morrison Hotel Galleries.

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