The Punk Rock Rat Pack

More goods out of New York: Puttin on the Ritz. If your a fan of the famed Rat Pack, you gotta check this shit it out! It’s raw, funny, jazzy, yet punk. Moonlighting between his day job on John Stuart’s Daily Show, lead singer (if that’s what you call it) put’s on his party suit at night when he fronts Puttin on the Ritz, alongside his band mate Kevin Shea, who also bangs it up inĀ  Talibam!, Great Lakes and Storm And Stress. Wanna hear some comical ruckess in classy attire, give these boys a listen and do it live. They sound as though Sinatra got into Sammy Davis’ fun bag o’ drugs, to the tune of some fucked up big band beats. If you’re lucky they just may have their xtended five-piece line-up (upright bass, trumpet and sax) in attendance.

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