Was cruising the West Village the other day admiring all the hipsters, homosexuals, and tryhards who were trying to be one or the other when I stumbled upon this: The Village Petstore and Charcoal Grill. After a burrito gordo and several Mexican alcohol concoctions this was right up my alley. Notorious U.K. “street” artist Banksy is the man behind this exhibit. Being the master provocateur he is, the subjects are so intriguing they become down right believable but as with all of Banksy’s work there’s a deeper meaning at play here. An allegorical pet shoppe. That’s how I’m summing this up. If you’re in NYC check it. Or just watch the vids of these caged “animals.” You’ll get the gist of it from there. For photos of the exhibition and all their creatures, click here.

Check out their pet sausages video below: