supplyanddemandIf you didn’t know him then, I’m sure you know him now. And if you still haven’t jumped on the Shepard Fairey bandwagon, I’m sure you will soon. Everyone loves a wagon ride right?

Shepard’s the shit, so check this out:

On the 20th anniversary of the Obey Giant campaign, the Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston opens the first museum survey of Shepard Fairey, the influential street artist who created the now iconic Obama poster. And to think, it all started with a lil Andre the Giant stencil that read: OBEY.

Featuring over 80 works, Shepard Fairey: Supply & Demand traces the artist’s career over 20 years, from the Obey Giant stencil to screen prints of political revolutionaries and rock stars to recent mixed-media works and a new mural commissioned for the ICA show. In complement to the exhibition, Fairey will be creating public art works at sites around Boston. On view at the ICA from Feb. 6 to Aug. 16, 2009, Shepard Fairey: Supply & Demand is accompanied by an expanded, limited-edition box set of Supply & Demand, the retrospective publication of the artist’s work, in addition to exclusive limited-edition prints only available at the ICA Store.

If you want to know what this visionary man is all about, I highly recommend you visit the exhibit.
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