Camping at Coachella?

europe06-10001First of all you gotta be either stupid and don’t know shit about Coachella, or either pretty hardcore and what not to camp at Coachella. Not only is it three days, but you’re in the dry desert heat (that drops to cold temps at night), it gets super nasty with shared bathrooms and showers and all, waking up in a muggy hot tent while the desert sun beats down on you in the morning, I absolutely couldn’t do it. Done it once at the Download Festival (England) in 06 and it was rough. Not to mention that was VIP camping. Although I had a good time, I would NOT do it again.

And I’m not even high maintenance. Well maybe just a bit. High maintenance with my music and high maintenance with my heart.

But if I haaaaaad to camp in a tent at Coachella, this is how I’d do it! Although I must admit, it’s quite the rip off. I think I’ll stick to my luxury diggs with seven pools. What can I say, I got lucky. Perhaps I’ll move to SF one day …

Read more about the rip off but oh so luxury tents at

Here’s a few pics from my music  festival camping experience:

3 thoughts on “Camping at Coachella?

  1. Matt

    Shit Sandy!! England too…. where have you not traveled to? See you at Coachells, glad you broke-up with the poser.

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