So I’m hanging out with some ole friends this past weekend and we get into those in depth drunk convos. Started talking about video games (which I hate) and then about all the skateboarding games and what not. Looks like Vans just launched their new iPhone skate game, Vans SK8: Pool Service. Supposed to be pretty damn cool, and obviously blows away Touch Grind. I’m sure it’s worth the $4.99 and will be a popular sale. Needless to say, the consensus they came up with was: unless your laid out from injury or just passin’ some time, get off your lazy ass and GO SKATE! But for all you incompetents keep flexin’ those thumbs in front of the tube while that sweet deck sits in the closet.

And since these guys shred, they’re legit in their word. However, “boy, I saw you playing Touch Grind in the car!”