The Black Keys at the Glass House, Pomona, Calif. April 16, 2009

Those of you that read grimygoods regularly know that I have an affinity towards The Black Keys and all things Dan Auerbach. What can I say? They are at the top of my list and basically kick fuckin ass! Not to mention Dan is a great guy and I am completely and utterly enchanted by his musical talents. The combination of both him and epic drummer, Pat, make for one of the best bands out there today and in the days to come.

All I have to say is this show was very special to me for numerous reasons and it was the BEST Black Keys show yet. The songs played were like a custom list of my favorites. From “Have Love Will Travel,” “Girl is on My Mind,” “Your Touch,” “Busted,”and many more. I won’t rant on how great these guys are cos you already know my thoughts there. I will say they impressed yet another sold out show. The fun before and after the show was great and I’m very happy my friends finally got to meet this epic band that I hold in such high regard. Also, I must give props to The Glass House for being such a great venue! The crew there rocks!

I took a few shots, sorry I didn’t take more, I was just in a trance . . . But check out the sweet photos over at the OC Weekly. Nice job!

Just came across these pretty amazing black and white vids also from the Glass House show that I reviewed above.

Tracks include “Busted,”” Your Touch” and “The Breaks.”

Thank you Brucini at The Black Keys Fan Lounge for discovering these. Who ever took these vids, mad props! Great job of capturing the Keys at their best.


(This song is just BAD ASS! I lost my head on this one: Dan just hashes it out like there is no tomorrow.)


“Your Touch”

(Dan’s comedic side comes out here. Funny!)


“The Breaks”


5 thoughts on “The Black Keys at the Glass House, Pomona, Calif. April 16, 2009

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  3. Jen G.

    Sandy! It’s Jen from Coachella. I met you backstage area. Great blog! The Black Keys are astounding. Let get together real soon.


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